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The 2020-21 Premier League season will start on September 12 onwards. Thereafter, we can look for Manchester City vs Brighton live stream. This particular EPL game is crucial for both City and Brighton. This Premier League tie-up has produced several amazing football moments over the years.

Whenever these two sides take on each other, we can expect some good tally of goals. In simple words, this football match is sort of a goal feast for football fans from around the world. Fans of these clubs can follow the live stream of this fixture both on their TV screens and mobiles.

Manchester City vs Brighton 2020-21 EPL Season Live

The 2020-21 EPL season will start on September 12. Man City will face Wolves in its first fixture of the game after their meeting with Aston Villa was postponed. While Brighton will host Chelsea in its opening fixture of the season on September 15.

The official date for Man City vs Brighton is still not published. Still, we could be just a few weeks off of this thrilling football match. When they meet in the league tier this upcoming season, likely, we will not get to follow the match live in person. We all know how things are around us aftermatch the COVID-19 outbreak.

Still, we can relax in our own place and enjoy the live stream of this game on mobile or TV screens. Both ways, you will have to spend some dollars though.

Enjoy Brighton vs Man City live on Mobile

The demand for mobile streams of EPL games is increasing gradually. EPL is the most followed club football tournament in the world. And most of the young fans of this club football competition are more into mobile streaming these days. Frankly, with mobile streams, you no longer have to stick to the same place while enjoying a live stream of a football game.

To enjoy Brighton vs Man City live on mobile, you have a number of options. But, based on your territory, you will be a different option compared to another football fan living in another territory from yours. For eg., if you live in Australia, you can enjoy live EPL games on mobile using Foxtel Now. While American viewers have to use Sling TV or fuboTV to watch the same game on mobile.

Enjoy live EPL games on Mobile in India

Indian fans enjoy this EPL game on mobile using the Disney plus Hotstar app. Hotstar is home to a number of professional sports like cricket, hockey, and others in India. So, with this OTT platform, Indian viewers can enjoy several pro sports at the fullest.

Not only cricket, but India also has a huge fan following of football and other professional sports. With Hotstar subscription, Indian football fans can enjoy English football live on mobile without ads. Also, the ad-free streams on this website are in stunning HD quality.

Enjoy Man City live streams in HD quality

The live stream of a football game will never be worth the money and time unless it is in HD quality, isn’t it? Both with TV streams and mobile streams, you guys can enjoy Man City live games in high definition. Most of the TV broadcasts of EPL games are in high resolution.

To enjoy Man City live streams on mobile in HD quality, you need to have a strong internet connection. Unless you have a proper internet connection, your online streaming experience will never be a good one.

Can I watch Brighton vs Man City live free of cost?

Home fans are slightly at a comfort zone when it comes to enjoying the free streams of Man City live games. For the first time in the history of EPL, some selected regular-season games will be broadcast for free on TV screens.

In the United Kingdom, sports networks like BBC Sport and Sky Sports have TV rights of EPL. Sky Sports will show 25 EPL games of the 2020-21 season for free. While BBC Sport will allow 4 EPL games on free to air channel.

Moreover, Amazon Prime will also offer 4 live games for totally free. So, British fans can enjoy a total of 39 live EPL games from the upcoming season.

Enjoy The Sky Blues live games on TV

TV streaming is the traditional means to access live streams of professional sports. There was a time when mobile streams were completely out of the scene. So, all viewers had to enjoy live football was TV streams. Even today, millions of football fans from different parts of the world enjoy live EPL games on TV.

If you live in the US, you have to subscribe to NBC Sports to enjoy live streams of Man City. Similarly, if you live in the MENA regions, you can use beIN Sports. Australian fans have to use Optus Sport to follow Man City live streams on TV. If you are from Brazil, you can use ESPN or Fox Sports.