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Manchester City vs Burnley Live Stream

You can enjoy Manchester City vs Burnley live stream for free of cost here. Manchester City Streams offer all the live games of the club for totally free. No matter where you are going to stream Man City live games, you can use this platform to watch live football for free.

Also, you can access HD streams of this Premier Leauge club fixture. Well, the HD streams are ad-free as well. So, what else do you need? You are getting ad-free HD streams of all Manchester City live games free of cost. There simply can’t be any bigger news for a Man City fan than this one.

Manchester City vs Burnley 2020-21 Live

The official date for Man City vs Burnley in the 2020-21 EPL season is not published. Meanwhile, the brand new season of the English top-flight will begin on September 12 onwards. The last season, we got to experience thrilling football games when these two sides met twice in the league competition.

Burnley host Man City toa 1-4 defeat in the first meeting of the 2019-20 season. While City played a comfortable 5-0 home win against Burnley in the second meeting. So, Man City vs Burnley produced 10 goals last season. Clearly, this EPL game is a goal feast. We believe you don’t want to miss the live stream of this football game.

Enjoy live EPL games from your home in 2021

Football fans scattered through several countries have all the means to enjoy live streams of EPL games. The club football has handed its streaming rights to a number of OTT platforms and cable TV networks. Obviously, it will cost you some money.

Based on your geo-location, the availability of TV networks and OTT service to watch live EPL games will differ. For instance, if you live in the US, you can subscribe to Hulu with Live or NBC Sports to enjoy Man City vs Burnley live stream. Meanwhile, Indian football fans need a Hotstar subscription or Star Sports subscription to enjoy Man City vs Burnley live.

Enjoy Burnley vs Man City free of cost

So, obviously, the sum of money to spend on the live streams of EPL games will also different country wise. If you use Hotstar to enjoy English football on mobile, you have to spend $4.08 per month. Meanwhile, you have to spend $54.99 per month to watch live football on mobile with Hulu with Live.

Though both those OTT platforms are paid services, you can enjoy free football with them as well. If you use Hotstar, you can enjoy a month free trial. This means you can enjoy live EPL games for free for 30 days with Hotstar. Likewise, with Hulu with Live, you can enjoy free football for 7 days.

Hulu with Live is available for viewers living in the US. While Hotstar is available for Indian viewers. If you are traveling abroad and want to use your native OTT service, you can use a VPN service.

Man City live TV Streaming

TV streams are one of the best legit means to access live streams of professional football. With an authentic cable TV broadcaster of EPL like NBC Sports, you can enjoy live football games from your home. If you live in the US, you can use NBC Sports. If you are living in the Indian subcontinent, you have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch Man City vs Burnley on TV.

The home fans, viewers living in the UK, can follow EPL live games on TV with BBC Sport or Sky Sports. Also, BBC Sport and Sky Sports offer 4 and 25 EPL games for free respectively. So, British fans can enjoy 29 EPL live games of the 2020-21 season for free of cost on TV.

List of 2020-21 EPL TV Broadcasters

Premier League is shown live across 212 countries across the continent. To fetch the live streams of all EPL games in all those countries, the football league has handed its TV rights to several cable TV networks.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa – SuperSport
  • Hong Kong – Now TV
  • Pakistan – PTV Sports
  • South Korea – SPOTV
  • Thailand – TrueVisions
  • Austria – Sky Sport
  • Belgium – Play Sports
  • Denmark – TV3 Sport
  • Finland – Viasat Sport
  • Russia – Okko Sport
  • Portugal – Sport TV
  • Italy – SKY Sport
  • Brazil – ESPN/ Fox Sports

Man City live mobile streaming 2020-21 Season

Viewers living in some parts only have OTT services to enjoy live EPL games. If you live in Japan, you have only DAZN to follow the live stream of Man City vs Burnley. DAZN is a top streaming service owned and managed by DAZN Group.

The following countries only have DAZN as its sole broadcaster of live EPL games.

  • Andorra
  • Spain
  • Canada

DAZN is also available for viewers living in Brazil and the Philippines.