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Manchester City vs Everton Live Stream

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The 2020-21 Premier League will start on September 12 onwards. So, Manchester City vs Everton live stream is right around the next corner. Mark your dates for December 12, 2020. The first meeting of Everton and Man City will go down on the floor on December 12. And the second one will take place on May 23, 2021.

This EPL game is a high octane thriller. Their attacking style of play is enough to attract thousands of football fans from around the world. And their star-studded roster is a cherry on the cake. If you are already super excited for this EPL tier, here’s all you need to follow the live stream of Everton vs City on December 12.

Manchester City vs Everton 2020-21 EPL Live

The Blues will play host to Man City in their opening fixture of the 2020-21 EPL season. All thanks to this prevailing COVID-19 situation, this EPL game will take place behind closed doors. In fact, the complete 2020-21 EPL season could take place behind closed doors.

If you are ready to lose some dollars, you will get to follow this football game live from your home. You have cable TV broadcasters and OTT services to follow the live HD stream of Everton vs Man City from your own place. EPL games are shown live across 212 countries.

Based on your need and requirements, you can either opt for TV streams or mobile streams. Both with mobile streams and TV streams, you guys can follow HD streams of all live EPL games. These days, youngsters are more into mobile streams and TV streams.

Watch Everton vs Man City free streaming

Football fans can enjoy the live stream of Everton vs Man City on mobile phones and tablets. There are a number of streaming services that give access to online streams of all Man City games. Moreover, you guys can also follow other pro sports like NBA, NFL on mobile.

You need to spend some considerable money to access the online streams of this EPL game. Streaming services like Amazon Prime, fuboTV, Hulu with Live, and Sling TV offers the HD quality of EPL online streams. The subscription cost of OTT platforms varies from one another. You can choose the one that best-fitted service fro you as per your needs.

You can follow free streams of Everton vs Man City for a limited period with those OTT platforms. Amazon Prime Video gives 30 days free trial. While Sling TV and fuboTV offer a week free trial.

Enjoy EPL live games with YouTube TV

YouTube is more than a video-sharing social app today. You can use it as an online TV. Most of the afore-mentioned OTT services like fuboTV and Hulu with Live are only available in specific territories. But, YouTube TV is now available in 130 plus countries. Moreover, this streaming platform is available in 90 languages.

In simple words, YouTube TV is a global streaming service. With YouTube TV, you can follow HD streams of any Man City live game. The monthly subscription of YouTube TV will cost you $54.99.

Man City vs Everton TV streaming

There are several cable TV networks that have access to TV streams of EPL live games. If you live in the United Kingdom, you have to subscribe to Sky Sports, BBC Sport to enjoy live Premier League games on TV. Viewers from Ireland can also use those cable TV networks to watch English football. Football fans living in Ireland can also use BT Sport.

Meanwhile, football fans living in the US can use NBC Sports to enjoy Man City vs Everton live stream on TV. Viewers living in India have to subscribe to Sky Sports to follow Premier Leauge games from the 2002-21 season. Indian fans can also watch EPL live games on mobile using a Hotstar subscription.

Premier Leauge 2020-21 TV Broadcasters

Here is the list of some cable TV broadcasters of the 2020-21 Premier League season.

 Country  Broadcaster
 United Kingdom  Sky Sports/ BBC Sport
 United States  NBC Sports
 Canada  DAZN
 Australia  Optus Sport
 New Zealand  Spark
 Brazil  ESPN
 Spain  DAZN
 Italy  SKY Sport
 Russia  Okko Sport
 Sweden  Viasat Sport


All these cable TV networks are paid services. Based on your pick, you will have to spend a different sum to enjoy Everton vs Man City live stream on TV.

Manchester City live mobile streaming

To enjoy Man City live mobile streaming you need OTT platforms like Sling TV. The cost of the OTT service varies from one another. Some of the popular OTT services are Sling TV, Amazon Prime Vidoe, fuboTV, and others.

Both Sling TV and fuboTV are available only in the US. So, if you live in the US, you can use those streaming services to enjoy EPL live games. Viewers from other countries can use a VPN service to enjoy English football on mobile with Sling TV or fuboTV. You can also enjoy a week time trial with those two OTT services.